Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I have to say that my blog name, Be Swanky is what I hope to be. What I want to project, swankiness. I have to say, I am anything but swanky lately. I've worn the same cardigan for about, um, 4 days in a row now. I'm not completely too far gone, I've changed the shirts underneath. But it is so frickin' cold here, in Florida. And my party-cardi keeps me warm.

Months ago, I wrote about my boys making it snow in Florida. We had sleet last weekend. It has been literally FREEZING at night for the past few weeks. Snow was in the forecast. Oh, and I made the mistake of calling sleet, hail. My bad. I've lived in Florida my whole life and haven't experienced sleet before. I'd like to not experience it again. BTW, what do people do when it is cold outside for months? Do you stay inside all winter? I can't imagine being outside more that it takes to check the mail. Just wondering.Stinky Pete and The Funky Bunch at Stone Mountain. We went to Atlanta for Thanksgiving. it was good times. It was cold there too, but I stayed warm. My mom has heated mattress pads for the beds. My mom rocks. Seriously...

We rocked the top of Stone Mountain. I'm not really oompaloompa orange. I don't even self tan, it must have been all that natural lighting. Anyway, I'd like to say that we hiked up and then back down. But we didn't. We took the tram. I have 2 boys and the thought of chasing them all over the largest exposed piece of granite in the world made me panic. As it is, I yelled at them to stop running and climbing on things when we were up there. I worried that they would chip a tooth or fall off the side. Not sure how I would explain that one to LD. Thankully, everyone made it down with all of their teeth intact and I only need a bottle of wine to lower my blood pressure.

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