Tuesday, November 10, 2009

There Are No Words

I'm quite saddened today. Learned last night that a sorority sister's husband was killed while biking yesterday morning. Chris Livingston, husband to Cathy Zorovich Livingston and father to Benjamin, who turns 2 today. Chris was only 36 years old. I keep thinking about it and the fairness of life and death.

I know from science that energy is neither created or destroyed, that it just changes shapes. I know from my religious beliefs that our time on earth is short compared to the eternal glory with our Lord. But how do you go on with your life until you are reunited with loved ones that have passed on? I don't know.

A month, almost 2 now, a dear friend, Sylvie, lost her baby girl Sydney to congenial heart defects. Sydney was only 6 months old and the love of Sylvie's life. I can't explain the connection between a mother and child, it is something that transforms a woman to a mother instantly. And I can only guess the longing and heartache that she feels not being able to nuzzle her sweet baby.

So how do we make sense of lives that are taken too early? Do we hold on to the belief that we will be reunited in our Lord's kingdom? Do we just wish the years to pass quickly and go through the motions of the day? I don't have an answer at this moment. But I think that it is ok. I think that I can be sad for these two families and I can pray about about it. I think it is a reminder to hold my own family a little longer and savor the time that we are all together.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Overheard This Week

Last night was The Boy's last fall baseball game. It was a fun season.

On the way home he was telling The Little Boy about night time and he said,"How old was I when we got Aaron?".

"You were three."

"No. When we got him. You know when we got him out of your belly."

Larry and I just looked at each other and chuckled. Like we picked out a dog or something.

Today The Little Boy cracked me up too and I thought to myself that I must remember what he said. Here we are and I don't remember. Sigh....the joy of being the second child. But we did play at the park today, it was beautiful out.