Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Snow falls in Florida

It snowed in Florida today, August 4. More specifically in my living room. My boys must be little Einstein's because they figured out how to make it snow in Florida, in August. Aaron, "mom, we made it snow!".

My aunt gave them styrofoam planes. The Little Boy broke his in 2.2 seconds, but Cole's survived several crash landings and the ride back from Ponte Vedra. 3 days later, it was decided that the plane's highest and best use was snow making. 10 minutes later, styrofoam snow blanketed our family room. My vacuum bag is full from the unexpected snow fall. I barely had enough time to put my snowshoes on.

In case you need snow in Florida, the boy geniuses are willing to let me share their patented snow making machine. You need 2 pieces of styrofoam and at least 2 willing people to make it snow. I've been told it's an extra joyous occasion if it's done very quietly and your mother thinks you're coloring. Break the 2 pieces so that there are jagged edges and rub the raw edges together. Instant snow.

Einsteins I tell ya, pure brilliance!

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