Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh Boys! Last week was spring break for the boy and I was happy Ididn't have to take him to school everyday. Unfortunately though, it meant that I had to take both boys to work with me. I dread taking the little boy with me and both...I'd rather poke myself in the eyeballs. But off to work we went. When we all have to go, I usually try to get another computer going for Cole so he isn't constantly bothering Aaron.

But, before I could get it set up, Cole was spinning Aaron around on an office chair and...well, let's just say he flew like Superman, to the floor. Poor thing had carpet burn from his forehead to his nose and under his nose. My heart breaks everytime I look at him and I know it won't be the last boo-boo from his brother.

So, on Saturday Aaron was playing with Cole's golf clubs and took a big swing and hit Cole in the side of his head, by his eye. He cried for TWO hours! He would cry, Aaron would cry, he would cry louder, Aaron would cry louder. I put Aaron to bed and fixed myself a drink.

Today Aaron looks so much better; the spot is just red now, no scab. Cole still has a scab and he is also blessed with a black eye. I wish I had a camera to capture it, but the boys broke my 2 digital cameras.